Style Significance of Sandals

05/05/2018 Off By Suzanne

Stone age man seeking to protect his feet with the hides of animals in the form of basic leather sandals. These were very simple in design and were made of the same type of hide that these ancient men made their clothes out of. This style of rough animal hide covering continued until about 10,000 years ago when examples of straps or thongs started to emerge. The straps or thongs would be attached to a heavy study sole that was meant to protect the bottom of the foot.

As civilizations started to emerge the adapted that plant and animal life they had access to create new styles of sandals. Ancient Egyptians used papyrus and palm leaves to create their version of this ancient footwear. The Greeks and Romans used sandals in their everyday clothing as well as a part of their military uniforms. In India where the cow is held to be a sacred animal sandals are made of materials such as wood, ivory and metal.

Throughout the ages sandals have been a major feature in footwear but not until the 20th century did they become a fashion statement. Most major designers since the 1920s have turned out some new variety on the sandal theme. Sandals for men have remained fashionable since ancient times right down to today’s average beach bum. Active and hiking sandals have been introduced over the last 20 years. Women’s sandals come in every shape and size imaginable including high heeled sandals and wedges. Though they have changed very little in design since they were first made, sandals continue to be an important part of footwear today and don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.