5 Ways to Prevent Mascara from Smudging

5 Ways to Prevent Mascara from Smudging

14/11/2019 Off By Elizabeth Richardson

The quest for beauty is a continuous procedure that comes with several tales of disappointment. Every makeup enthusiast has experienced a day where everything went south. It is too sad that these failures do not occur while in the house but in broad daylight where people can see.

Who is that one person who has never experienced a mascara fail? If there is anyone, then they must be very eco-friendly in the beauty world, or they don’t enhance their eyes. Even the most expensive mascara will smudge for as long as the right procedures are not followed.

Below are five ways to prevent mascara from smudging.

Go for Quality

Many things have been said about mascara, but the fact remains that beauty comes at a cost. You can’t expect to go cheap and achieve that perfect look.

One of the significant challenges leading your mascara to be out of place is due to the wrong choice of brand. If you choose a brand that offers lower prices, you’ll have to pay the price.

Having a good makeup combination for your face and leaving eyes out of the mix will amount to zero work. The eye is the most prominent part of the face; thus, it should be handled with care. Any traces of smudging will destroy the whole makeup look.

Most products in the market have a series of application procedures before attaining the desired look. Always go for quality mascara that has a single step application and reduced chances of eye itching and irritation.

Keep Your Face Clean

Blinking of the eye is an involuntary practice, meaning it will be hard to prevent lashes from coming into contact with the skin. The common cases of smudging occur due to the oils present on your face.

The best approach to avoid smudging is ensuring that you begin with a clean face. Every skin type deposits oil on the skin where, if not removed, it will affect the whole makeup look.

Gentle cleansers are always useful when cleaning the eye. Cleaning the whole face may never be enough as the eye will require some special cleaning using a soft cloth. While parts of the face will need a moisturizer, the eye is a no-go zone.

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Hydrating the eye area will create a favorable environment for the smudging. If you have to do it, let it be at night when the mascara is not being used. If, however, you have enough time, you can still do it in the morning and give the moisturizer enough time to sink in and dry.

In case your eye-area is sensitive to cleansers, you may opt for blotting paper. This paper is designed specifically to absorb oils from the skin. Be sure that the areas around the eyes are dry and oil-free before applying the mascara.

Use Eye Primers

The hurry and urgency of your daily activities should never compromise your everyday looks. We all want to look good, but very few are willing to pay the price. The price, in this case, comes with the time it takes to enhance your beauty.

Most people already use a primer for their face but will do all they can to skip the eye area. Although the eye is sensitive, it doesn’t mean that areas surrounding it have to be left unattended. It is for this reason that you have to spread it to the eyelids and the under eye.

For as long as you want perfect mascara, eye primers have to be on your shopping list even if you haven’t used them before. When applying your eye primer, make sure it’s thin yet thick enough to create a barrier between the skin and the mascara.

Whether you wear eye shadow or not, eye primers will lower the likelihood of mascara smearing due to your oily skin.

Waterproof It

One of the most practical ways to avoid unnecessary smears is through the use of waterproof mascara. It is a game-changer in that it works wonders where the usual mascara has failed terribly.

This specialized mascara is made in a way that it repels water, thus, resisting running. Gone are the days when you would be embarrassed after getting rained on. Its waterproof capability ensures that its integrity is maintained to the core.

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Unlike the traditional mascara, they offer an added advantage to the lashes. Some will lengthen the lashes by adding a silk fiber, which extends the tips while others enhance the thickness and volume of the lashes.

Despite all these positive things, waterproof mascara has a negative aspect in that it is painful to remove. In case you are the type with elongated lashes, you may get creative and decide to use the regular mascara and spice it up with a waterproofing formula.

Waterproofing is the newest technique in town that guarantees less smudging. It also comes in a variety of pigments, which means you can match your lashes to your outfit.

Hold That Blink for a While

Smudging of the mascara is primarily due to the interaction of lashes and the skin around the eyes. This interaction is brought about by the blinking of the eye.

Controlling an involuntary process such as blinking of the eye can be a challenge, but all in all, you have to do it. The first few seconds after applying the mascara are the most critical. Just a single blink of the eye is enough to smear it all over your face.

Keeping your eyes open for a whole minute may look weird, but what other option do we have? Mascara is usually in liquid form, meaning it will take some time to dry. Achieving that perfect look is not an event but a process. You must always be ready for it. Those few minutes spent without blinking will determine your look for the entire day.

The way you decorate your eyes will either enhance or create a wrong impression of your looks. Always make sure to pick the highest quality mascara for your eyes. Take your time and do things in the right order while standing in front of a mirror. That way you can make sure you leave your home smudge-free.

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