Benefits of online clothing shop with a physical store

Benefits of online clothing shop with a physical store

10/10/2021 Off By Elizabeth Richardson

With the increasing popularity of eCommerce websites, online shopping has grown exponentially, unlike bricks and mortar stores. More customers buy from online shops rather than physical stores, but they know more about Tory Burch. However, having an online shop and a physical store simultaneously can capture a wide range of customers, which can significantly increase your overall sales. There are those doubting customers who might be hard to trust your online shop. Such customers will be satisfied to see a physical shop where they can go to see your clothing, try to fit on them, and pay as they collect their purchases.  Many famous eCommerce shops have physical stores where their customers can conveniently collect their purchases. Although the online shopping industry has exploded, those customers still prefer physical stores for their own reasons. Both online and physical stores have advantages, and when you have a clothing shop with a physical store, you will definitely enjoy all those advantages.

Benefits of online shops

ü Convenience and time-saving

Online shopping is very convenient because customers can purchase any product anytime from anywhere according to their convenience. You don’t have to go to wait for the long queue in crowded stores. You can shop online using your smartphone or laptop while taking a drink in the comfort of your home. If you want to buy a gift for your loved one far away, you can conveniently purchase the gift online, and it’s delivered to them.

ü Online shops provide 24/7 service

One of the benefits of online shops is that customers can shop 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Before the emergence of online shopping, people used to wait until the weekend or holidays when they are free to go shopping because most physical shops close by evening when people come from workplaces. Nowadays, you can have your brands at your fingertips at any time, which mostly benefits the working group who are busy at work.

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ü Online shops break all geographical barriers

 Most physical stores face challenges in reaching a global audience. Their regular customers are mostly those within their locality, and reaching a global audience might be daunting. That affects the growth of the company and reduces revenue inflow. But online shops do not face such problems and can reach several customers worldwide without geographical constraints. As long as the customers have an internet connection, they can purchase from any place. This is most convenient for people living in rural areas where there are no retailers and shopping centers.

ü  You can sell a wider variety of clothing brands

With online shops, you can sell different brands available in the marketplaces that would not fit in a physical store. Many brands are available online because they cannot all fit in a physical store. If you live in a small town, an online shop can provide you with various other brands, not within your locality.

On top of these advantages of online shops, if you combine them with a physical store, you will enjoy more benefits that will mean more sales and revenue inflow.

Advantages of a physical store

v Visibility

When your physical store is strategically placed in town, you will get immediate results in terms of visibility. It will attract customers from the surrounding areas who can visit for shopping. That physical shop will assist in referring customers from online shops to collect their clothing from there. Online doubting customers can visit the physical store to ascertain that your business is legit. Having a visible store will make you attract more customers from both online shopping and physical shopping. When it comes to clothing, customers prefer seeing the cloth, touch to feel the texture, and try to fit on it; therefore, having your physical store will assist your online shop in facilitating this.

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v A physical store builds confidence

Some customers like to be advised before making the final purchasing decision. Such customers do not have confidence in online transactions.  Whenever they see a favorite brand in your online shop, they would be much comfortable to visit your physical store where they can go with a friend to advise them on the best outfit before making a purchase.

v No shipping cost with a physical store

Those customers who shop from your physical store do not need any shipping services. There are also those customers who will purchase from your online shop and prefer collecting their items from your physical store. In this case, you won’t incur shipping costs. When you have an online shop only, you will have to deliver every purchase to your customers.

Ecommerce websites have some challenges of customers worrying about the quality of your clothing because they cannot feel it and late deliveries. Having an online shop with a physical store will drive away such worries. In the long run, it will increase your sales and retain many customers.