Best Swedish Fashion Shoe Brands to Know

Best Swedish Fashion Shoe Brands to Know

24/12/2022 Off By Elizabeth Richardson

Swedish shoe brands have rooted their DNA in solace, riveting details exalt their designs that compete with Italians. From everyday wearable shoes that endure the march of time to glitter pumps suited for brides, Swedish shoe brands give you all you need. You can check to get insights about Swedish shoe brands.

Flattered shoes

Flattered launched its ballet Swedish shoes collection in 2013, and has since evolved into one of the country’s outstanding women’s shoes. They carefully design their shoes in Stockholm and then produce them in Spain. Flattered is a mysticism between European tactility and Scandinavian minimalism.

Flattered is one of the well-known Swedish shoe brands that keep the Scandinavian heritage alive by embracing a mix of elegant and exclusive designs with contemporary shapes and forms. The brand has an extensive selection if you want to buy perfect ankle boots pairs or flats.

ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier has a stunning selection of minimalist, incredibly sturdy shoes, and also small leather items and bags. ATP Atelier shoes are the exemplar of Scandinavian fashion and handcrafted in Italy, are elegant but not flashy. You can also consider buying clothes in Sweden that goes well with ATP Atelier heels to rock the occasion.

For colder periods, ATP Atelier has a wide range of boots styles. You can find ankle boots, over and above chunky boots, and lots more. For hot days, a vast choice of sandals and similar footwear is available at ATP Atelier.

Gram shoes

The brand designs footwear intending to bridge the gap between traditional shoes and sneakers. Their platform boots are unique as they are a mix of cool and casual. Gram creates women’s and men’s shoes with sportive details in a variety of colours, making mixed silhouettes that are comfortable as well as stylish.

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The brand is all about creating urbane sneakers. You can wear Gram shoes at work or on an evening out and you’d not feel unbecoming in any setting.


Tretorn has been around since 1891, recognized as the oldest heritage trademark. They sell goloshes to shield themselves against the extreme Scandinavian weather. They also started selling sneakers in 1900, possibly Nylite is the Tretorns trendiest sneaker as yet, which is fifty years old and has been a favourite shoe since its creation. The brand now produces a variety of athletic and outdoor products comprising jackets and bags, while they are yet basically known for their admiringly functional shoes: sneakers, winter boots, and rain boots.

Myrqvist shoes

Myrqvist aim’s to make budget-friendly Goodyear welted footwear while maintaining quality and traditional menswear fashions. If you fancy a durable, classic loafer, oxford, derby shoe, or boot and don’t like little on the side with anything stylish, then Myrqvist is for you.

They design classic footwear from a Scandinavian philosophy, not only esthetically but also essentially by making sustainable shoes for hostile weather. Accordingly, most of their kinds come with a half-rubber sole option.

Swedish shoes range from classic handcrafted shoes to high-style sneakers. You may find functional shoes like sneakers and rain boots, along with minimalist and stylish pairs that would help you to look chic in your daily routine.