Blooming Bucket Flower Easy To Make

Blooming Bucket Flower Easy To Make

13/06/2023 Off By Suzanne

Have you ever seen a blooming bucket of flowers at a farmer’s market or on someone’s porch? They’re pretty, and they’re easy to make. You can use any type of potted plant in your bucket, but here are some ideas for what will work best.

A Blooming Bucket Flower

A blooming bucket flower is a great way to store your flowers. You can use any size bucket and you can paint the bucket if you want to change the color. Buckets are easy to find and they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors!

Buckets are used for many things besides storing flowers. They’re great for holding toys or games in your kid’s room, storing potatoes in the basement of your home, holding water when camping out on vacation…the list goes on!

Potting Soil

The soil should be moist, but not wet. You will want to use a rich potting soil that contains nutrients and has a good drainage system so that the roots can get enough oxygen. The best way to test if your potting soil is ready is by sticking your finger into it: if it feels moist (but not wet) and clumps together when you press down on it, then you’re good to go! If your finger comes out dry or just leaves behind some loose dirt when pressed into the soil, it’s time for more water!

Seeds of Your Choice

  • The seeds of your choice. You can use seeds from your garden, or buy them in the store. Also, you can use any type of flower seed! If you want to make this project even more interesting, try using a different type of flower each time (and keep track of how long it takes for each).
  • A bucket or other container that will hold water and soil.
  • A growing mat or towel to put under the bucket so that it doesn’t slip around on your table/floor when watering and transplanting into pots later on.

Watering Can or Coffee Can (Depending Size)

You may have a watering can already, but if not they’re pretty cheap to buy. And as for coffee cans, I found one at the dollar store for $1! It’s amazing what you can find in thrift stores and garage sales if you keep an eye out for them.

Need to Be Watered In a Few Days

Once your flowers have been planted, it’s important to water them. You can use a watering can or coffee can for this step. Fill it with water and pour on top of the soil until it starts to seep into the bottom of your bucket flower planter. If you don’t want to worry about watering each day, put some rocks in an old margarine tub before planting your flowers so that they will have something holding them up off of their own dirt, this way you won’t have to worry about them drowning!

Use a Variety of Seeds

You can also try using different kinds of seeds. Some flowers will bloom in different colors, and some will bloom in shapes that are different from the original flower. If you want to keep your blooming bucket flower looking fresh for longer, then consider using a variety of seeds.


Hopefully, this article has provided you with the inspiration to create your own blooming bucket flower. It’s a simple and fun project that anyone can do, and it can make a great gift for any occasion!