Buying the Right Cloth Fit for a Curvy Woman

Buying the Right Cloth Fit for a Curvy Woman

01/01/2021 Off By Elizabeth Richardson

Forget about the image portrayed on fashion runways and glamourous magazines of what to look like as an average woman. We will have to admit that in reality, the average woman is not pencil-thin like models. Genetics, fitness regimes, sitting hours at work, and feeding habits are some of the telling factors of the fat deposit a woman carries, and her body shape.


A woman who is voluptuous in size will have several bottlenecks to overcome while searching for clothing that will project their body features, in ways that will cause them to get reckoned as beautiful women. Despite the scarcity of wears that does justice to the stature of physically endowed women in local fashion stores, there is still hope of sourcing for prime wears to this effect. With rightly channeled efforts, there is light at the tunnel’s end for curvy women. Following the tips of fashion to figure reviews will assist in satisfying your peculiar clothing needs, with minimal stress.

Understand your body structure

Though all women with extra fat attract descriptions like plump, curvy, robust – which to some extent paints an image of a generically massive person in our heads, curvy women come in different body structure types. The naming convention of these structure types relates directly to fruits and items to which the shape corresponds. Hourglass, apple, straight, triangle, and pear body types are the standard classifications of body type. However, most plus size women are a combination of two standard body types.

Take advantage of color, floral and stripes

It is possible to camouflage or highlight some of your body features; there are clothing materials that will successfully cascade what you do not want to get too much attention. Equipping your closet with a couple of dresses that come with stripes, floral patches, and color-blocks will help you achieve such a cascading effect.

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Watch the fit

Keeping a fashionable wardrobe boils down to stocking quality garments of the perfect fit. Be moderate with the tightness and looseness of your clothes. Being curvy by default, you do not want to buy clothing that makes you look larger than life; neither do you want one that reveals every edge of your curves.

Go for firm fabrics

There will always be those protruding body parts from which you would love to avert attention. A right way of achieving this is by picking fabrics that are firm and thick; this gives the resulting garment a structure of itself and equally steal the unwanted attention.

The beauty of long loose dresses

Long dresses being perfect wears for conservative plus-sized women is the reason for them not being the toast of fashion runways. Throw in a pinch of waist belt or stretchy waistband, and there you have your beauty queen.

V-necks and sleeveless

Types with a larger upper body look dashing in dresses with deep V-necks, while sleeveless tops or dresses are the recommended choice for triangular body types.

Keep heels that suit your size

After adorning a lovely dress, the added inches conferred by the appropriate heeled shoes will help the looks much. Overall, endeavor to smoothen the curve of your height to width ratio.