Fashion Hints For The Working Man

Fashion Hints For The Working Man

07/02/2022 Off By Elizabeth

When you’re working to balance the physical and professional aspects of your job, it can be challenging to find the right apparel for the job.

For instance, running your own home improvement business takes a lot of hands-on hard work to get through the day, but you also have to handle professional matters to keep your business on track.

It’s important that you have the right apparel to get your hands dirty and solidify a new deal all in the same workday.  Take a few moments now to check out some fashion hints for the working man, and present yourself as sharp and stylish, no matter the setting.

Take care in choosing your boots

The boots you wear as you work need to be able to provide protection for your feet, but being a professional, you need them to look nice as well.  Don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get a pair of boots that will last you for a while and maintain their style as they age.

You’ll need a strong steel-toed boot to keep your toes safe, but style doesn’t have to be compromised.  Check out the Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Boot.  You’ll get a well crafted, well designed boot that won’t let you down in any situation.

A solid polo will take you far

When you’re working on a big kitchen remodel design, you need a good shirt to keep your body protected from dirt and debris that will be flying around as you work.  When you’re meeting with a potential client, you need a shirt that says you’re a serious business man.

In this situation, you can’t go wrong with a good polo shirt.  The collar on the shirt says professional, but the short sleeved, pullover quality of a polo gives you the comfort you need to get into the physical labor of your position as well.

Strong khakis that can take a beating

You already know just how tough you are on your pants as you work.  You have to have a material that is tough but looks professional as well, so wearing jeans won’t work.

Turn to a clean pair of Dickies or other work khaki.  Match your khakis with a dark colored polo shirt, and you’ll look finished for your next business meeting.

Bring a jacket or blazer to supplement

If you want to fine tune your look, you could consider bringing a nice jacket or blazer around with you.  Just throw your jacket/blazer over your polo, and you’re ready for a formal business meeting.  You can switch up the fashion of your ensemble by adding different colors and textures when choosing your jacket or blazer.