Mid Fade Haircuts Every Man Should Try Before This Year Ends.

18/12/2018 Off By Suzanne

Mid fade haircuts have been around for a couple of years. The popularity of these haircuts keeps growing every new day. Also called medium fade, men’s mid fade cuts starts at halfway at the back and sides, giving you a faded haircut that is something between a high fade and a low fade. Since medium fade gives you a more gradual blend of hair, it is suitable for men who are looking for on-trend yet professional hairstyle.

Besides, men can complement medium fade with various types of fades to come up with mid bald fade, mid zero fade or medium fade undercut. Bear in mind that you can choose how to customize your mid fade hairstyle by letting your barber utilize different number of clippers to control how short you trim the hair and how quickly the sides are faded. This is one of the men’s haircuts you will love sporting.

  1. Mid Taper F

This medium fade haircut is among the most timeless and clean cut hairstyles for men in 2018. It is an ideal haircut for men to wear in both formal and casual events, but more specifically for working professionals.

  1. Men’s Medium F

If you face challenges while choosing between low fade vs. high fade, then this men’s mid-fade haircut is the perfect choice for you. This is a bald mid-fade with a shape up.

The short to mid-length hair at the top is combed over to one side to come up with an excellent com over. The mid-fade comb over remains looking stylish. This hairstyle is very versatile and therefore can be styled in a myriad of ways such as long top with a medium fade.

  1. Mid Bald F

If you decide to have a bald fade, remember your hair will be shave all the way round the head and fade to the skin. The bald fade creates a high contrast, edgy hairstyle that appears great with different variety of men’s haircuts.

For instance, you can ask your barber for a fade with 3 on the crown to have a high and tight fade or a French crop. Alternatively, you can opt to leave the hair elongated to create a quiff, spiked hair, slick back or a comb over look.

  1. Medium Fade and Long T

This medium fade with elongated manes on top is cute. And because medium hair and elongated hair are trending right now, matching a medium fade or a skin fade on all the sides with elongated hair on the crown will make it easy to create some stunning haircuts. The faded haircut, the shape up and textured hair looks modern and sophisticated as well.

  1. Mid Top F

Regardless of the angle which you look this hairstyle from, the mid top fade appears beautiful and attractive. The seamless fading, sweet edge and thick hair brushed back is what makes this haircut favorite for many men.

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